Aisin Technical Center of America, Inc. (ATC-A)

ATC-A is a subsidiary of Aisin Corporation, a Tier One, worldwide supplier of automotive components. As the first technical center established by Aisin Seiki (currently "Aisin Corporation" ) outside of Japan, ATC-A will lead Aisin's product development for the North, Central and South American marketplace, providing a greater presence to the important markets served by the Aisin Group of companies.

ATC-A is strong locally, providing accelerated design function and faster engineering services to customers of all AISIN products.

AWA Technical Center Established 1995
Move for Office/Laboratory Expansion 2002
FTTA Proving Ground Established 2005
ISO Certification 2006
AISIN Technical Center of America Established 2008
AISIN Technical Center of America Office and Laboratory Expansion 2014
Merged with AW Technical Center of America 2021
Merged with Shiroki North America2022

In addition to its superior (and rapidly expanding) engineering and design capabilities, ATC-A has state-of-the-art lab facilities that allow various evaluation tests and procedures to assure quality of its products in the following critical areas:

  • Performance
  • Environmental
  • Strength and Durability
  • Electronics
  • NVH

ATC-A invites you to check back often for our expanding list of technical capabilities.