Summer BBQ Frisbocky

 The last in a series of ATC-A vs. AWA summer sports match took place today during the lunch hour at Aisin Detroit. While ATC-A and AWA share the same Northville, Michigan headquarter building and work as together as part of a team, we compete with each other when it comes to the playing field. Today's match was Fisbocky. Frisbocky is similar to Ultimate Frisbee, where the rule of the game is similar to that of hockey, but instead of a puck, a Frisbee is used. ATC-A and AWA HR department members organized the delicious part of the event: hamburgers, hot dogs, salads, deserts, etc. for all team members to enjoy and cheer the competing members. Expatriates also helped with the cooking and arranging of the event. In the end, AWA won by 1 point at the last second of the game, but Team ATC-A will be ready to clutch the championship next year.

Sep 9, 2016