Aisin Natsu-Matsure "Summer Fest"

 If you’re not already familiar with the phrase, Natsu-Matsuri it's simply “Summer Festival” in Japanese. This year, our diverse group of members had the chance to experience the fun activities and eating styles that have been created by the Japanese culture. From grilled corn doused in soy sauce , and hotdogs grilled perfectly on a skewer , to Kona shaved Ice with endless flavor combinations, Aisin was able to captivate the taste of Japan ,right here in our own backyard!

Amongst the activities, you could find members from ATC-A and AWA competing in Tug-of-War. Not only did engineers show us their down and dirty outside competition skills, the women of AWA had no problem taking part in this activity and showing up the opposing team. Although it seemed ATC-A was gonna take the win, AWA stepped up and took the bragging rights home! Go AWA!

Other activities included “Sukui Ball” a Japanese game where thin paper is used to scoop small balls from the water, with hope you can pull as many out before the paper gives out. If you were looking for a small stress reliever, trying a round of “Suikawari” (watermelon smashing) was befitting. Add the ring toss game and you have the perfect sunny day BBQ games, with a cultural twist.

Aisin was able to give our members a chance to learn and see firsthand some of the fun ways of the Japanese’s culture. There was even a photo-booth that featured a variety of Yukata’s for our members to wear. This was one the activities that gave everyone a more personal feel of Japanese lifestyle. Many members raved about the attire and how colorful and fun the options were.

Watching the Aisin team as a whole come together and make this event a success shows just what the ”Aisin Way” means. Seeing all the departments mingle and enjoy the festival together, shows the harmony and diversity, (which is much like the Japanese culture) We strive hard to keep in our work community.


Aug 11, 2016