AISIN Friday Night Hockey March 2018

The 2018 AISIN Friday night hockey game came to a successful conclusion on March 2nd, 2018. The game consisted of a mixture of ATC-A and AWA members split into two teams that competed in friendly and spirited competition.  There were team members that were long time hockey players, as well as those that experienced ice skating and hockey for the first time.

The intent of events such as this is to bring ATC-A and AWA members together in a social atmosphere outside of the work environment. 

The game fosters camaraderie and encourages members who do not normally have an opportunity to interact and get to know each other further. Teamwork is also fostered through a common challenge, which can translate into effective relationships in the work environment.
 AISIN continues to support these types of events proposed by the employees to engage positively with one another through broad experiences and activities.

Mar 2, 2018