2018 AISIN Detroit Table Tennis Tournament: The Andrew Ehrman Cup

2018 AISIN Detroit Table Tennis Tournament: The Andrew Ehrman Cup

Date: Thursday June 14, 2018, 12:00:00

AISIN Detroit’s Annual Table Tennis Tournament has become a highly anticipated event for the last several years. This event provides team members with the opportunity for some pretty intense paddle battles and bragging rights around the office. This year, in honor of his passion for table tennis, we named the tournament “The Andrew Ehrman Cup”. Andrew was a Project Engineer at ATC-A, unfortunately he passed in a tragic water accident in September of 2017.

This year’s league and tournament included more than 50 participants from both ATC-A and AWA. Through this activity our team members are able to connect with their peers, learning more about each other outside of daily business activities. For the final matches TOM+CHEE joined the celebration and provided our members with many lunch options. More than 60 on lookers prepared with signage, enjoyed lunch and laughter while cheering for their peers leading to the two winners. The winners were awarded with trophies from ATC-A’s President, Yoshihiko Matsuda. Aisin Detroit would like to thank our many participants, organizers, and spectators for making this yet another memorable event.

(Photos : Winner of Pool 1, Chanli(left) and Winner of Pool 2, Behzad(right),both being presented with trophies by ATC-A’s President,Yoshihiko Matsuda)

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